May 4, 2017

Like the previous tool, LoadFocus is a free, cloud-based load testing tool from websites, apps, and APIs. This tool will measure your website speed and give you insights to optimize the performance of your websites. System Requirements: All system operational Website Link: https://loadfocus.com/


May 4, 2017

This is a free and cloud-based load testing service which offers stress and load tests for your web apps using thousands of concurrent connections. Output are provide in east to understand stats and graphs. System Requirements: All system operational Website Link: https://loader.io/


May 4, 2017

This is an on-demand and automated performance testing tool for DevOps. Whether it is API or mobile app or web app or website – this tool is equally effective for testing any protocol. System Requirements: All system operational Website Link: https://loadimpact.com/


May 4, 2017

When you are using Appvance you can be rest assured that you are with the technology leader in the segment. The drive response time for this tool is 500ms, which is faster than any other tool. System Requirements: server group of servers network or object Website Link: Home New


May 4, 2017

Gatling is an open source load testing framework that is built based on Netty, Akka and Scala. It is a high-performance framework that offers ready-to-present HTTP reports. It offers scenario recorder and developer-friendly DSL. System Requirements: Normal System having 1GB RAM 80 GB HDD Website Link: http://gatling.io/


May 4, 2017

AutoPilot for APM’s real-time monitoring is enterprise-grade, meaning it extends across Web Services, Java, and .NET running on distributed system platforms, middleware, mainframes, and mobile. It delivers the visibility you need to understand the health of your applications, with the fast-acting automation necessary to slash the frequency and duration of outages. AutoPilot finds problems before […]

Testing Master

May 4, 2017

Testing Master is an easy-to-use and affordable website testing tool. It tests the performance of web sites or intranet applications by load and stress testing and helps you to find bottlenecks of your web site. Web site testing tool Testing Master can simulate thousands of users, came from the same quantity of IPs and analyze, how many concurrent users can handle your […]

Apica ZebraTester

May 4, 2017

Record load test scenarios quickly and easily using a universally useable HTTP(S) Proxy Recorder and popular web browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. Recordings automatically include AJAX calls and pop-up window requests and traffic data for HTTP(S)-based web service client programs. Create simple test scenarios using an integrated web crawler that discovers all website […]

Maximo Pack

May 4, 2017

StressTester and Sentinel are also available as specialized versions, designed for testing and monitoring the performance of IBM Maximo systems. When combined with the Maximo Pack, our tools are automatically configured to recognize the complex Maximo framework, and automatically handle the underlying aspects that traditionally make Maximo performance testing and monitoring so difficult. Maximo plays […]


May 3, 2017

This exceptional web performance monitoring tool allows our clients to monitor the response times of their critical web-based applications (websites, EAM software, CRM, intranet etc.) in real time, from anywhere in the business or indeed, in the world. System components (operating system, database server, application server, web server etc.) are simultaneously monitored and both sets of information […]